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Vídeos Testimonial
  • Anita Bentley

    Anita Bentley

    "Love them!"

    I am an Australian watercolour painter and the 1435 Perla series are my favourite brushes! They hold lots of watercolour and keep their point for years. Love them!

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  • Angel Cayuela

    Angel Cayuela

    I bought 3 Classic Series cat tongue paint brushes. Three nº14s. I wanted to compare them with some similar brushes from another brand. I have to recognise that the Escoda brushes are clearly superior; better brush bristles and very good "placement". They maintain their shape very well, the others became 'disheveled' as soon as the glue that kept their shape was rinsed off. The bristles on the Escoda brushes have better 'vigour' and the ferrule is better attached to the handle. In this sense, I can only congratulate you

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  • Celia Gallego

    Celia Gallego

    Hi! My followers have recently been asking me a lot about what I oil paint with and I always recommend your brand to them, I have loved being able to work with you. The truth is that I really like your brushes and it is great to be able to try them out, they are also lasting much longer than the other ones I bought at more or less the same time and which I treat in the same way. I have already thrown the other brushes away, yet all of Escoda’s brushes remain impeccable, like on the first day I bought them, they really are fantastic. Thank you so much for everything!

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  • Glenda Lyons

    Glenda Lyons

    I have had Escoda brushes for years. My family gave me a set of Kolinsky sable for my 60th Birthday in 2002. My sister did a workshop at EPC and gave me the Ultimo Tendo size 10 which I love

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  • Nuria Farré for Escoda

    Núria Farré

    "You´re the artists"

    Excellent price-quality balance with exquisite finishes that make the brush itself seem like a work of art. An extraordinary variety of brush types in order to make the painters life as smooth as a VERSÀTIL or as powerful as a CLÁSICO. Personally, I am in love with the PERLA #6, which allows me to fix all the most minute details given that, in only one brush, it offers you a large variety of outlines. I had tried others of this kind, but I have become enamored with this one thanks to its short brush length, the shape which remains intact over time and barely loses any bristles, something which allows me to draw fine lines (for painting hair, for example) and tiny ends (for the light spots).  You have completely stamped out all of my old paint brushes.

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  • Janine Kozanda (USA)

    Janine Kozanda (USA)

    "The PERLA Escoda Brushes are awesome!"

    "I bought a couple of Escoda PERLA for watercolour and they're awsome! Really, they are better than my Kolinsky sable brushes. Since my new Perla arrived I always paint with them."

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  • Ivan McClennan (Australia)

    Ivan McClennan (Australia)

    "Escoda are the best watercolor brushes!"

    " Escoda are the best watercolour brushes I´ve ever used. I don´t use any brushes but Escoda from now on."

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  • Darlene Chenoweth (USA)

    Darlene Chenoweth (USA)

    "I love, love, love those brushes!"

    " I recently purchased the travel set of Escoda brushes. I love, love, love those brushes! Thank you so much for making fine brushes!"


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  • Lili Schuch (Hungary)

    Lili Schuch (Hungary)

    "Every brush is a piece of art itself!"

    " I have this feeling like every brush was a piece of art itself, and it's a joy to work with them!"

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  • Andre Lloyd (Australia)

    Andre Lloyd (Australia)

    "Escoda brushes have a professional quality!"

    "You make a wonderful selection of Professional Quality Artists brushes, beautifully made and with exceptional attention to detail and durability"

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  • Harold Walkup (USA)

    Harold Walkup (USA)

    "I recommend Escoda brushes to my students in the USA"

    " I discovered your brushes at a local art store. The brushes are some of the best I have used in more than 40 years of teaching. I recommend Escoda brushes to my students in the USA."

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  • Manuel Huertas Torrejón (Spain)

    Manuel Huertas Torrejón (Spain)

    "The VERSÀTIL Brushes are exceptional!!"

    " The new VERSÀTIL Brushes are absolutely exceptional. I had been waiting for a long time for this type of hair, especially for oil painting. For their fexibility, precision and hair length they adapt perfectly to my working method."

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  • John Salchak (USA)

    John Salchak (USA)

    "I tried a #10 VERSÀTIL brush and it performed beautifully!"

    " I tried a #10 VERSÀTIL brush and it performed beautifully. It holds plenty of color and releases it in a controlled manner while holding it's needle like point."

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  • Wladimir López de Zamora (Spain)

    Wladimir López de Zamora (Spain)

    "VERSÀTIL is the best synthetic brush!"

    " With the VERSÀTIL Series, you made it! Without a shred of doubt, VERSÀTIL is the best synthetic brush I have used in all my life. Congratulations!"

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  • Caroline Blanot (France)

    Caroline Blanot (France)

    "I love Escoda brushes!"

    " I've bought and tested the VERSÀTIL watercolor brushes...And I just can say I love them!"

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  • Marilyn Benson (Great Britain)

    Marilyn Benson (Great Britain)

    "The shape is always held by this brush. I have not found that in other watercolor brushesI will spread the word!"

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  • Ricardo Drumond (Portugal)

    Ricardo Drumond (Portugal)

    "Escoda makes the best quality brushes in the world"

    "Escoda makes the best quality brushes in the world, and I just received a set of handmade watercolor brushes that I'm anxious to start using! I've tried the 'Reserva' and that's when I knew I wanted to use it forever! That 'Versàtil' is the best brush ever made with sinthetic hair, some consider it even better than Kolinsky hair"

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  • Aitch Emm (Great Britain)

    Aitch Emm (Great Britain)

    "Great for detail"

    " Got my new Escoda brushes today. I bought the size 14 & 16 Teijin filberts and they look lovely. I love that you can do quite delicate work in great detail with the tip of the brush. I didn't expect it from a brush that size. Still waiting on the Tadami brush but I expect to be buying more. Love them!"

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  • Alexa Meade (USA)

    Alexa Meade (USA)


    "It feels very special when I paint with them".

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  • Jan Godachy (USA)

    Jan Godachy (USA)

    "Escoda: The Art Whisperers"

    "I love it.... the Art whisperers! It is true they paint all by themselves!"

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  • Ed van der Linden (Netherlands)

    Ed van der Linden (Netherlands)

    "VERSÀTIL: the winner!"

    "I received my VERSÀTIL brushes from Escoda. They call them synthetic kolinsky and that is more than true. It is a wonderful brush. I tried most synthetic brushes available, and some of them are fairly good, but this one beats them all."

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  • Bob Cook (EUA)

    Bob Cook (EUA)

    "The VERSÀTIL brushes work like magic!"

    "Who says you have to use Kolinsky sables to get the detail on watercolors like this one I just finished? The VERSÀTIL brushes worked like magic!"

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  • Konstantin Sterkhov (Russia)

    Konstantin Sterkhov (Russia)

    "VERSÀTIL is exactly like sable brush!"

    "I have tried the VERSÀTIL brushes. It is exactly like sable brush, so many animals will be safe!"

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  • Kathy Los-Rathburn (USA)

    Kathy Los-Rathburn (USA)

    "I can´t live without the #14 BARROCO"

    "I love your brushes. My favorite are the BARROCO series. That #14 is the best and I can not live without it. I use it on every painting. I have painted with many brushes over my 40 years of teaching and this one does it all. I recommend this one to all of the students that I have. I even bought extras to sell in classes and in my workshops. Thanks for making these fine brushes for all of us artists. You help make our job a bit easier. We all know it is not a is just something we just have to do."

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  • Humberto Gamino (México)

    Humberto Gamino (México)

    "The best soap for brushes!"

    " I'd like to talk about an Escoda product which I haven't seen many comments about it. We all talk about their magnificent brushes, but what about their soap? The one I've been using for over a year now is the Escoda soap and there's still quite a lot left. I like the way brushes feel afterwards, it removes old pigments and leaves them ready for the next use. Personally, a great product!"

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  • Isa Fernádez (Spain)

    Isa Fernádez (Spain)

    "A lifetime investment"

    " Wonderful brushes! Just admire the shaped handles, the varnished wood, the golden ferrule which I assure you it does not rust. To talk about Escoda bristles is to talk about something extraordinary, either natural or synthetic. A great investment which well looked after, can last as long as the painter's life!"

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  • Brenda Swenson (USA)

    Brenda Swenson (USA)

    "I feel blessed"

    "I feel blessed to have one of these brushes before they were introduced to the public...thank you!"

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  • Laurin McCracken (USA)

    Laurin McCracken (USA)

    "All Escoda brushes are easy to use"

    "I enjoy using the new Escoda VERSÁTIL Rounds Synthetic brushes. They have a strong snap to them. This allows me to have the control I need to paint the level of realism my paintings require. The belly of the brush holds a lot of paint and the brush has a sharp point. The brush is properly weighted. Like all Escoda brushes, so that it is easy to use. I believe that all watercolorists, no matter what their level of expertise, would find these brushes superior to most brushes on the market. Beginning and intermediate painters will experience a higher level of control than with other synthetic brushes, which will make it easier for them to paint better and learn faster. Experienced painters will find that these brushes handle as well or better than many Kolinsky brushes."

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  • John Yardley (Great Britain)

    John Yardley (Great Britain)

    "VERSÀTIL brushes do not lose their point as they get older"

    "I have now painted with the new synthetic 'VERSATIL' brushes and enclose my report! I painted two complete pictures and yes, the brush is very good.  They do not lose their point as they get older and more used."

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  • Viktoria Prischedko (Germany)

    Viktoria Prischedko (Germany)

    "My favourites are VERSATIL in combination with OPTIMO!"

    "We really enjoyed our work with Escoda Brushes, because of the high-quality. We are working in the watercolor technique "mouillé sur mouillé“ and the brushes take the water very well, butthey also spread the pigments well over the paper and give a nice line. What is important for us, is that the brush paints on wet paper, too, and that does it well. The form allows to paint little details with the peak of the brush. My favourites are VERSATIL in combination with OPTIMO Nr.4. They give powerful effects even in the smallest details. For our technique I like these brushes very much."

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    Todd J. Gordon (USA)

    "Escoda is unmatched"

    "I have been painting for 20 years and I have experimented with many brushes on the market. Escoda is unmatched in quality and performance. Your product is simply the finest available anywhere. I could not paint without your brushes."

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  • Robert Wade (Australia)

    Robert Wade (Australia)

    "VERSATIL brushes are by far the best synthetics I’ve tried"

    "I’ve just painted a couple of quarter sheet studies (25x36) using only the VERSATIL brushes. I think they are great, by far the best synthetics I’ve tried.  They carry plenty of wash and point beautifully. Like all Escoda brushes they are perfectly balanced and feel great just to hold !  Best wishes and washes."

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  • Escoda RESERVA

    Jesus Lanuza Gutierrez (Spain)

    "I´ve had this brush for more than 15 years and the bristles are as good as new!"

    " I've seen your catalogue. I trust you because I happen to have brushes made by you. I paint with oil and decorate delicate things. I've had this brush that my wife used for make-up, for more than 15 years and I still use it for delicate works. The bristles are as good as new, it's unbelievable! Only the handle is worn because of cleaning. Congratulations for your work!"

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  • Escoda BARROCO

    Mary Van Arsdel (Netherlands)

    "All of the Escoda brushes are magnificent"

    "I now have 5 Escoda brushes and they have made the world of difference in my paintings. I am now saving up for a size 18 Escoda brush. I used one at an art store once and fell in love with it. What I liked best about it was the tapering and the responsiveness. It is magnificent brush, as are all of my Escoda brushes."

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  • Marcia Dietz (USA)

    Marcia Dietz (USA)

    "Escoda brushes feel like extensions of my imagination"

    " I absolutely love my ESCODA brushes. They feel like extensions of my imagination. Escoda brushes allow me to add and subtract paint in an intuitive manner. The fan brush is working as expected, the bristles begin to clump together when wet. It returns nicely to it's original shape when clean and dry."

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  • Warren Lamboy (USA)

    Warren Lamboy (USA)

    "The most magnificent oil color brushes I have ever used!"

    "Thank you for producing the most magnificent oil color brushes I have ever used! I began painting in 1970, and it was only in 2010 that I discovered your fabulous brushes. What a difference they make in my painting. Things that were difficult in the past are positively easy now."

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