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Escoda news - At last the summer holidays are here!
At last the summer holidays are here!
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At last the summer holidays are here!

Take this chance to paint, create and compose

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At last the summer holidays are here but even ourselves who are truly passionate about our work, must take a little break in order to recover and come back full of energy. Therefore the Escoda Factory will remain closed during August so we’ll be able to come back in September with more strength!


But don’t fret because during this period of time we won’t disconnect completely, we’ll let the ideas flow without the everyday pressures, we’ll allow ourselves to be guided, even more, by creativity and perhaps, in September we might present you with a new idea or other. To you who daily trust in our brushes to help you set free everything you think and feel, love and desire and all the emotions which tinge your creations and artistic works, we want to say thank you. Because our brushes come to life every time they feel the skin of your hands and you make them live a thousand adventures and trips among splashes and spills of paint on every kind of support. So we hope this August you won’t stop doing what you like the most.


While taking a rest, or enjoying a family day, or having a refreshing meal, we’ll close our eyes and surely see a new handle or hair or maybe even something different. In the same way we can’t get away from our passion for making brushes, we hope you won’t distance yourself from artistic expression.


Take this chance to paint, create and compose. Let positive emotions take you and if we miss each other, we can always meet on our Social Media Channels where we’ll keep on sharing what we like, love and live.

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