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Artists´ Projects - Barcelona-inspired poster collection
Barcelona-inspired poster collection
Barcelona-inspired poster collection
Barcelona-inspired poster collection
Barcelona-inspired poster collection

Barcelona-inspired poster collection

Various artists collaborate on this project

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In 2014 Escoda celebrated its 80th anniversary. To commemorate it, the brush makers brand started a new project with various artists to create an exclusive artistic poster collection which since then are given complimentary to the company’s online shop costumers.


On the same year Barcelona and Catalonia were celebrating a very significant episode in history: the tercentenary of the 1714 city’s siege.


That’s why, to commemorate those historical events Escoda Barcelona created “Inspired by Barcelona”, a poster collection to celebrate the Barcelona belongingness of the brand. The collection also highlights the inspirational character of the city during these 300 years.


Local artists are an important part of this project: Ivan Bravo, David Fernández (Inocuo The Sign), Ignasi Font (Bungalow) and Joan Fernàndez (Negrescolor). All of them have put their artistic talent to help create this exclusive collection.





Barcelona is an artistic hub which at the end of the XIXth century embraced  the Art Nouveau, artistic current that originated the Catalan Modernism. That’s why this poster is a tribute to those times and an evocation of these artistics movements. The designer David Fernàndez  wants to takes us in instant to the inspiration and creativity of the most artistic spirit of the city.



Under this alias Ignasi Font wanted to capture the feel of Barcelona as an international capital. A port city which opens to the Mediterranean Sea welcoming every year millions of cruisers who stop by to admire the Catalan capital. Ignasi Font, Bungalow’s illustrator, explored the concept to create this artistic vessel which symbolizes the touristic and romantic spirit of the city.



One of Barcelona’s characteristics it’s precisely its urban physiognomy. The city’s map, signified by the contrast of L’Eixample d’Ildefons Cerdà with the historic centre and its roman and medieval sector, offers thousands of dwellings where to lose oneself. The illustrator Ivan Bravo captures this abundance in his poster and reminds us that inspiration hides out in the many nooks of Barcelona.



Barcelona is the capital of communication, of arts, sport and also of unique traditions. Vermouth is a lifestyle which refers to the extended habit of having a vermouth with soda and tapas seated at the terrace of some traditional bar with friends and family. Graffiti artist Javi Gutierrez is in charge of transmitting this lifestyle.

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