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Brushes´ Tales - Celia Gallego´s artwork
Celia Gallego´s artwork
Celia Gallego´s artwork

Celia Gallego´s artwork

A self-taught artist

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Five key words define Celia Gallego’s tireless style of illustration: music, design, photography, literature and drawing. Inseparable from her pencil from a very young age, she strives to study and improve on her artwork every day. Celia Gallego uses social networks as a source of inspiration and uses other artists as reference for her art.


The trick is to not stop.


Celia Gallego shows that you cannot stand still. The journalism and former music student, who is currently thriving online, focuses on portraying known actors or singers in detail. Her hyper realistic strokes give the most detail to her creations making them very aesthetically pleasing for the general public. It ensures that social networks are a very powerful tool, allowing artists to reinvent themselves and constantly learn from other artists’ tricks.


"I always try to give the maximum detail to my paintings and this is more than possible with the MARFIL range. It´s extremely compact and hard fibers make tracing much more accurate and easy when painting tiny details such as the spots on a iris"


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