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Brushes´ Tales - Conrad Roset artwork
Painting Amelie
Conrad Roset
Conrad Roset artwork

Conrad Roset artwork

An artist in search of beauty

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Brushes are the Escoda family’s passion and since 1933 they manufacture handmade brushes with the best quality possible at their factory in Sabadell (Barcelona). Aware of the fact that excellence could not be reached without passion, Escoda brushmaker masters put their brushes to the test with artists from all around the world.  Enthusiastically witnessing how artists give meaning to the family’s work, the Escoda clan  has the privilege to enjoy art first hand!


This is how young Conrad Roset started using these brushes, stating how they come to life in the hands of a passion and sensation seeker like him. In his hands brushes from ÚLTIMO and BARROCO series have given life to various illustrations which have become worldwide known. In that manner Conrad Roset has been immortalized as an artist with an Escoda personal brush set.


An artist in search of Beauty


In his childhood Conrad grew up surrounded of brushes, colour pencils, paper and notebooks, things that stimulated his creativity. He grew used to draw what he really desired, without restrictions, enjoying every new project. From drawing he developed a hobby which in the end turned him into the worldwide renowned artist he is today.


His search of beauty translates into his illustrations of women, creating a universe around “Muses”, his celebrated book of illustrations and already in his second edition. Conrad fearlessly uses his brushes with courage, maybe because like he says “when you start to create, to draw and paint, you’re trying to show everybody your talent and how you’ve evolved, but in the end, you don’t care anymore and you simply create.” His committed attitude with the search of beauty and his passion for creating have transformed him into an acclaimed international artist whose artwork is being showed in many countries.

“Escoda brushes offer me a great range of artistic possibilities. ÚLTIMO and BARROCO brush series are my basics” Conrad Roset.


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