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Brushes´ Tales - Ed van der Linden artwork
Maybelle & Escoda burshes
Maybelle & Escoda burshes
Maybelle & Escoda burshes

Ed van der Linden artwork

The Dutch artist brings reality beyond image

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Craft is not at odds with innovation and, therefore, the Escoda family has continued handcrafting bruhses of the highest quality since 1933. Despite the huge technological advances of the last century, Escoda is fully committed to making brushes in the traditional way, that is, by hand and taking care of every single detail, brush by brush, and bringing modernity in each of its products. Therefore quality is its presentation card and the reason why artists from all over the world trust Escoda to express their talent and passion in their artwork. Amongst them, the innovative Dutch illustrator Ed van der Linden.


A caricature passionate 


Ed’s journey begins in Amsterdam - The Netherlands where he took a course in drawing at the very young age of 11. Since then he has explored various art forms like photography (he has been a professional advertising photographer for 31 years) and sculpting, but he always comes back to the drawing board. Most of the work Ed makes is realistic, but he tries not to be too realistic. If it looks like a photo, you can better take a photo, he says. Since a few years Ed has also trained himself in drawing caricatures and caricaturised pin ups. This also in a very realistic style. He draws most of his commercial work digital, from sketch to finished artwork. This saves a lot of time. In the very scarce spare time he has, he likes to draw with traditional materials like charcoal, graphite pencil and ballpoint pen. A new project he has started is a comics series about a sexy 50's style pin up girl 'Maybelle'. This is still under development. 


“Escoda brushes are really well made. You can tell they are from a company that cares about their products and especially their clients. I have tried lots synthetic brushes but i really love the VERSÀTIL brushes. They are very well suited for outlining my comic work” Ed van der Linden. 



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