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Escoda news - Escoda closer to the whole world
Quality shipping service
The first order (1933)
Escoda closer to the whole world

Escoda closer to the whole world

The online shop reduces to 50% its shipping fees.

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At Escoda Barcelona we work in a meticulous way to make the best possible brushes. To do it we keep our commitment with quality and artistry, the same we did back when we started in 1933.


Faithful to this promise, we’ve been working for a long time with shipping specialists around the world in order to offer a quality shipping service, accessible from more places in the world.


That’s why today we offer new shipping fees that for some areas have reduced its cost by 50%.


We have committed ourselves to provide artists with the best brushes but also with a comfortable and reliable way of acquiring them.


So now you know that wherever you are, if you need brushes and  you want to get what possibly are the best brushes in the world, don’t hesitate and visit our online shop. The brush universe within your reach.

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We want to hear from you!
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