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Brushes´ Tales - Gabriela Torres artwork
Gabriela Torres artwork
Gabriela Torres artwork

Gabriela Torres artwork

Young talents

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Nowadays, there are very young artists, but that does not mean that they are less talented... In fact, every day we are more and more impressed by the number of young talents which are starting to triumph in the arts sector. The profession’s skilled artists which, over time, will surely be big stars and we do not want to miss them! 


A self–taught artist


Gabriela Torres, born in 1984, is a self–taught artist residing in Lisbon, Portugal. She works primarily in watercolor and acrylic, filling the canvas with bright splashes of color, reinforcing the dream-like world from which she grabs inspiration. Her paintings are surrealistic creations in nature, influenced by pop culture. She recently started to experiment with comic book illustrations.


 “For me, the ultimate Escoda brush, the one I always paint with, is the PERLA White toray synthetic number 8. It's really versatile and allows me to paint a wide variety of effects. It always travels with me, my sketchbook and my watercolors.”


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