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Brushes´ Tales - Jonathan K. Aggrey’s artwork
Jonathan K. Aggrey in his studio
Jonathan K. Aggrey’s Artwork
 Thursday  - Watercolour
Memories of Beijing

Jonathan K. Aggrey’s artwork

Artistic talent from Ghana

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Escoda Barcelona is still faithful to its founding principle, to make by hand the best possible brushes for artists. And after more than 80 years our brushes are chosen by the greatest artists of the whole world. Technique and discipline but also care and love are put into our brushes, the same way artists lay their talent and passion in their pieces.


That’s why artists such as Jonathan K. Aggrey use Escoda brushes as together they become the perfect team.


The artist who captures the essence


Jonathan was only 5 years old when he realized he wanted to become an artist. Despite being the youngest of eight children he was encouraged by his family to follow his passion.  He devoted to studying while also working as a part-time roadside artist in order to fulfil his dream. He moved to Accra where he found great support in his uncle Mr. Richard Acquaah-Harrision and the teachings of the painter Mr. Enoch Yaw Mensah of Freehand Studio.


As a Bachelor of Arts he has worked in all kinds of media but he is well known for his watercolour pieces which have been shown in solo and collective shows in Ghana and in other countries. But Accra and the south of Ghana are his main source of inspiration, the sea, the rivers and its people fill his pieces with colours and bursts of life. So Aggrey has become the painter who captures the spirit of his people and his beautiful land.


“Art is the realization of what God has revealed to the artist in the mystery of his mind and ESCODA brushes bring it to life.” 


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