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Brushes´ Tales - Lisa Argentieri’s artwork
"The Kiss"
"Hydrangea Love II"

Lisa Argentieri’s artwork

The New Yorker artist passionate about watercolor.

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Since 1933 the Escoda Family specializes in hand making brushes of the highest quality. Despite the huge technological advances of the last century, Escoda is fully committed to carry on making brushes in the traditional way, that is, by hand and looking after all details of every single brush. Therefore quality is its presentation card and the reason why artists from all over the world put their trust in Escoda Barcelona to help them bring into life their artworks. Like the New Yorker watercolorist Lisa Argentieri who uses the Escoda PRADO, RESERVA and ULTIMO.


Passion from New York


Lisa Argentieri, internationally awarded and renowned watercolorist from New York, earned a BFA in the School of Visual Art from New York. With time she focused on painting watercolor. In her own words, she likes to control this beautiful and chaotic dance water and pigments perform on the paper, capturing for ever her feelings and sharing them with the viewers.


Lisa paints in a passionate and spontaneous way whatever catches her eye in everyday life. She does it in one session, without preliminary drawings or studies. Her watercolor is lively and agile, intuitive and of simplified style and that’s what makes her shine brightly in the world of Arts. For the same reason she chooses Escoda Brushes, the quality of their artisan production and consistency of behavior, make them the perfect tool for answering instantly to her bursts of inspiration.


“I choose the ergonomically designed Escoda brushes. They fit so well in my hand, and I can paint from a broad stroke to a fine point all with the same brush!” Lisa Argentieri.


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