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Brushes´ Tales - Maria Smirnova ´brush tales´
Maria Smirnova ´brush tales´
Maria Smirnova ´brush tales´
Maria Smirnova ´brush tales´
Maria Smirnova ´brush tales´

Maria Smirnova ´brush tales´

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I paint and draw since I remember myself. But it wasn’t the defining thing when I was choosing future profession.

Since graduating Polytechnical University in St.Petersburg (Russia) I have been working for several years in the energy sector. But art went back to my life from time to time. I was training academical drawing and tried different medias.

Two years ago I’ve rediscovered the world of watercolor. Day by day I was trying to tame this complicated technique.

Now I live and make my watercolor paintings in Paris.

Everything is constantly changing. But sometimes we simply need to take a pause and look around.

Almost every painting I’ve made is about light,  about something instant, flash slipping away. I make my work to freeze the moment, show it, share it , and make it longer.
I’m still learning, and it doesn’t mean only improvement of techniques but it is searching for new materials and instruments as well. And  I may say Escoda products is one of my finds. Brushes of the PERLA series are  perfect for painting details and as easy to handle, as  aesthetically pleasing.


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