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Brushes´ Tales - Masato Watanabe’s artwork
Masato Watanabe’s artwork
Masato Watanabe’s artwork
Masato Watanabe’s artwork

Masato Watanabe’s artwork

Watercolour in perspective

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Precision and efficiency are not only restricted to technology, as we well know in Escoda Barcelona. After 80 years we keep on making by hand our brushes for artists because we know that only humans can add this higher level of quality that makes a difference:  the love for exceptional work.

Our brushes travel around the world and in the hands of great artists become magical wands that make their dreams come true. Recently our products have reached Japan and thanks to this we have been able to meet wonderful artists, such as Masato Watanabe.


The beauty of precision


Watanabe studied illustration, design and technical drawing, fields he has developed professionally and which have won him many awards. He has been using watercolour to paint his meticulous illustrations only since 2009, fact that is an artwork itself as his way of using this media is extraordinary. To his wonderful way of using colours we find in addition his mastery of perspective. His artworks capture the beauty of Nature but also of other places unattractive by definition, urban landscapes, industrial areas, docklands and various means of transport, one of his passions. These come to life with rhythm thanks to Masato’s risky and powerful use of perspective. Under his inquiring look, his Escoda brushes become infallible tools that transform these unusual sites into live scenes where one can get easily lost pursuing the details.


A beautiful window display or cars waiting for the green light were invisible to our eyes until Watanabe discovered and captured its beauty for us all to enjoy.

“I wasn’t particularly interested in watercolour brushes until I tried the Escoda brushes, I’m impressed, they’re extraordinary!”


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