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Artists´ Projects - Ricardo Drumond introducing the Summer Solstice
Saint John by R. Drumond
Spiderman by R. Drumond
Thom York by R. Drumond
Wild Cat by R. Drumond

Ricardo Drumond introducing the Summer Solstice

The comic illustrator

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To make a brush by hand is a meticulous process, made with care and above all love, love for Art. All of the employees at Escoda dream about the wonders the person who will take it will create with this brush their dextrous and loving hands made.


At Escoda we love watching how artists create their artwork with our brushes, that’s why we promote small projects like this one we released on Saint John’s Day. The artist Ricardo Drumond created a Saint John scene to welcome the Summer Solstice, bringing closer Portuguese and Catalan traditions. An illustration that captures the dynamism and energy of this festivity, famous for its bonfires and fireworks.


The artist who sees the world in panels


Ricardo Drumond paints for as long as he can remember. This young Portuguese artist studied Architecture but since 2012 he devotes full time to illustration. And he does it in various ways, collaborating with numerous international magazines, doing solo or collective shows and more recently painting posters for the NBA Social.


But Drumond is passionate about comics. When he was little he discovered his parents’ comic collection and he became an unconditional fan of the genre. This passion stands out in his illustrations of TV series and his comic books projects, but can also be perceived in the rest of his artworks, in the motion of the scene, in the detailed lashes or in the intense colours or the black and white contrast. His devotion for comics mixed with his talent and his hardworking character make of Drumond an exceptional artist.


'Escoda' makes the best quality brushes in the world! I've tried the 'Reserva' and that's when I knew I wanted to use it forever! That 'Versàtil' is the best brush ever made with sinthetic hair, some consider it even better than Kolinsky hair. Thank you very much Escoda for making such beautiful quality pieces!



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