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Brushes´ Tales - The work of Malana´s workshop
The work of Malana´s workshop
The work of Malana´s workshop
The work of Malana´s workshop
The work of Malana´s workshop

The work of Malana´s workshop

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Anabel and Marta are the founders of Malana's Workshop, a project that began as a hobby, and that has become a profession over time. After years devoted to the study of restoration and decorative painting, they decided to open their own workshop in Mercantic (Sant Cugat, Barcelona)


Reinventing the use of antique furniture

What truly motivates passion is restoring antique furniture and old belongings, giving them a new value, making genuine and unique pieces from them.

In Malana 's Workshop, skill and creativity come together with the aim of achieving unique and original pieces.

Marta and Anabel use different "handmade" technique to paint and restore wood ... Bringing a personal touch to each piece, inspiring new feelings and sensations.


"The range of RESTORE Escoda brushes helps us to achieve and perform all of these techniques. The palette and short handle brush, with its strong fibers, giving a good outline and allowing us to reach the hidden corners of furniture. It is a pleasure to work with ... "


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