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Brushes´ Tales - Thomas W Schaller artwork
Abandoned Gatehouse - Northern Ireland Thomas W Schaller - Watercolor 32x46 cm 2015.
“Farmyard in Moonlight - Ohio” Thomas W Schaller - Watercolor 46x61cm. 2015.
“Night in the City” Thomas W Schaller - Watercolor 76x56 cm 2014.

Thomas W Schaller artwork

Watercolours and brushes tales.

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We work hard everyday to improve the best brushes ever! But our brushes become stronger when artists use them to set free their inspiration and imagination. That’s why we love seeing what you’re able to do with them! Los Angeles artist Thomas W. Schaller has made various art pieces using  Escoda brushes.


With a characteristic style the North-American artist has created a watercolour artwork with strong and determined brush strokes and exceptional colour combinations. That’s why we wanted to share his work as in the end it’s the culmination of our passion for brushes.


The artist usually works with different Escoda brushes:

Escoda AQUARIO #16 and18, Escoda PRADO #12 and #14, Escoda PERLA #8, or Escoda VERSATIL #6.


Awesome art From Los Angeles


Born and raised in the American Mid-West, Tom Schaller had always dreamed of becoming a painter. But like in fairy tales he had to overcome some trials before he could develop his gift. He went to New York and worked as a commercial Architectural artist, not quite yet daring to follow his dream. But one day an artist have him a piece of precious advise that encouraged him to fight for his own dream. “If you want to paint - just paint.  All the rest will take care of itself". And Tom strove to change his life, traveled around the world and finally moved to Los Angeles where he happily lives and paints.


He paints what he sees the way he sees it, turning his art pieces into personal tales of our world.

“Like most artists, I have experimented with many options, but when it comes to my brushes - it’s just hard to beat Escoda. Over time I have gravitated to them almost exclusively. There may be more expensive brushes, but there are none better.” Thomas W Schaller.



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