Brushes´ Tales

  1. Alicia Aradilla ´brush tales´

    She is an artist that studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design in Madrid. Although she is from Extremadura, she has lived in the capital since 2010 and has worked as an illustrator and art director in the advertising sector for brands such as Samsung or Grupo Vips. She has taken a break from her career to travel around the world for a year. An adventure where she will try to collect all the experiences she lives in her watercolors and travel books. You can follow her steps on her Instagram profile @ a.aradilla or on the web page

    About Escoda
    Alicia Aradilla is evidence that the Escoda Travel Book Brushes are incredible not only for their quality, but also for the beauty of their design. She claims that they are perfect for urban drawing, as their performance is amazing with watercolor. They glide on the paper, exerting an impeccable control in each line, in each stroke.

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  2. The story of Dalí and Escoda’s brushes

    In the early 70's, we received a call from Vicenç Piera. At that time, he was an important merchant for Bellas Artes in the City of Barcelona
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