Born in a family of tattoo artists

Adrián Pérez was born in a family of tattoo artists .
After graduating in high school,he studied graphic design in Barcelona.
He has always loved the type forms and typography in general and how they become part of  the cities, when applied, using different materials.

The passion for Letters

And that is when he decided experimenting and playing with the materials, painting at home. After attending different lettering courses in Barcelona and San Francisco, he opened his handmade workshop in the neighborhood of Gracia (Barcelona). His journey in the lettering world began.

About Escoda brushes

"The BRAVO, light ear ox is a perfect brush, with a splint that allows you to clean the surplus material and make it durable; its hair is semi-rigid, making it perfect for precise and straight strokes.

The other indispensable brush in my workshop is the Gilder tip to gild gold or false gold plate.
It gives an high adhesion to the material and a softness in the works."