The pleasure of discovering new artists

One of the things that we, the Escoda team, like the most is having a relationship with artists and, whenever we can, discovering new ones; be it through travelling, researching or from social media. In fact, the latter channel it what allowed us to get to know and establish contact with Julia Barminova, a fantastic artist and person. 

 A Specialist in Watercolour

 Having an architectural education in Russia, Julia has chosen a path of an artist. In 2011, after graduation, she has begun to learn oil painting techniques, and also had a go at a pencil drawing. Her 3D effect graphic sketches raised awareness of her work.

 However, the real inspiration came to her after a year and a half, when Julia discovered the endless possibilities of modern watercolor techniques. Since 2012, combining both architectural and classic approaches, she has been working on a series of watercolor paintings. Julia begun her most famous series of watercolours – named “Islands in the Stream” – whilst on her numerous trips through the fishing villages and major Port cities in America, Europe and Russia. This series is dedicated to the play of light and colour on the surface of the water and to the intricacies of the structure and configuration of ships, boats and yachts.

 More of the artist’s favorite subjects include; bicycles, airplanes, flowers, textured sketches and Gothic architecture. Julia has a popular instagram account (@juliabarminova). She also travels and conducts master classes in a multidude of different countries. In 2016, Julia was appointed the role of Russia’s Canson Ambassador.

 “The first time I tried a Perla brush a year ago. It was a round brush #12 with a short handle. I was amazed how  the brush could do all the kind of tasks perfectly – either filling large spaces with complex lines or accurate detailization on various formats. After using the first brush of this series, I’ve bought numbers 2, 4, 8 and a folding handle set  for a plain-air. And now I use them every time I work.  I’ve  tried Ultimo, Prado, Versatil and Reserva as well, but Perla is my favorite among Escoda series. Most of my students during classes notice “at one stroke” that half of my tricks are hidden in using these synthetic brushes.” Julia Barminova