Talented from a young age

The Escoda family understands that the brush – artist relationship is indispensable; in fact, one of their priorities is to craft artisanal brushes of the highest quality in order to satisfy the artists’ needs. Henceforth, Escoda has always liked to maintain a very close relationship with artists, in order to become familiar with all the details that can be developed in order to improve their products. They not only develop relationships with well-established and experienced artists, but also with young artists with promising talent.

Always in the research phase

Born in Barcelona in 1992, she studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona (2010 to 2014), but began to participate in collective and individual exhibitions as well as in international art fairs before the end of her degree. At present, she continues to shape herself in the hands of artists that she admires and that help her to continue improving day after day in the praxis of painting, whilst also persevering with the development of her work.

“The name says it all, a classic is a classic, and the CLÁSICO series is the heart for any oil painter therefore, they are my first choice when it comes to beginning a piece. As the work progresses and I continue adding detail and highlights, the VERSÀTIL brushes are wonderful; pure smoothness.” Núria Farré