In the early 70's,  we received a call from Vicenç Piera. At that time, he was an important merchant for Bellas Artes in the City of Barcelona. He told us that Dalí's personal secretary would come to visit us to order some special brushes and that he had recommended him to us as the most personalized service available.

In a few days we received a visit from a skinny man with a moustache who spoke Spanish with a French accent. He introduced himself as Dalí's personal secretary and told us that the artist intended to paint a special work on Paris' Champs Elysées which would be in a large format, extending to the floor and would be painted while standing. For this reason, he needed brushes with a total length of 80 to 100cm.

The most important obstacle to overcome was getting our usual supplier (in those years it was the Ramon Farran machine shop in the Torelló municipality, in the Osona region), to manufacture such long handles.

When we told them that it would be an order for Dalí himself, they whole heartedly dedicated themselves to completing the brushes within a month and a half. To do this, they had to modify their drills and some of the machines they used.

Meanwhile, we manufactured the heads (hair ferrule) of the 48 brushes. We only had to mark the handles, manegar (insert the handle into the metal ring) and manufacture the slots with the traditional machines we had available. They were sent to Vicenç Piera tied to specially made thick cardboard packaging.

In the end, we asked Vicenç Piera to find out and confirm to us if the brushes had ended up in Dali's hands and if they had been of use to him, he told us that they had and that they were indeed useful.