Our Company

In the autumn of 1933, Josep Escoda Roig (1902-1982) founded in Sabadell, near Barcelona, a small business of paintbrushes for decoration and fine arts. It became the first factory in Spain, since artists had used brushes made in France and Germany until then.

This business’ activity only stopped due to the Civil War, but at the beginning of the 1940s it resumed activities, despite the difficulty to get quality raw material. The Escoda brush factory developed and grew. Josep’s main objective was to make the best brush, and that’s what he transmitted to his sons, Josep and Ricard, and they transmitted it to their daughter and sons, Anna, Ricard, Marc and Josep. Thus, it is the third generation of brush makers who love what they do, who know what the artist wants, and they are conscious of the fact that their industrial contribution is a small support to the world of art.